YMCA logo

YMCA Services

Many of the YMCA’s services, such as their gyms and athletic programs, are well known. This short clip highlights some of the lesser-known services of the YMCA that are aimed at developing leadership skills for …

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Change Makers logo

Change Makers Opening

“Change Makers” is a public access television program featuring Bay Area people who make a difference in the world. Topics range from environment to health care to technology and beyond. The opening sequence flips across …

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Future Talk Logo

Future Talk Opening

Each episode of Future Talk covers an area of rapid change, such as medical technology, energy technology or information technology, and tries to see where these changes are leading society.

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protestestors in East Palo Alto

Make the Call Opening

The Media Center co-produced a regular series with the East Palo Alto Police Department. “Make the Call” was a program that examined unsolved local homicides and introduced us to the families of homicide victims. Hosted …

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A T-shirt that says Live in Peace

Make the Call PSA

In addition to the televised series, “Make the Call,” East Palo Alto’s police department worked with the Media Center to create a website for the purpose of archiving its program, profiling homicide victims, and providing …

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two broken windows

Text A Tip PSA

In addition to the televised series, “Make the Call,” East Palo Alto’s police department worked with the Midpen Media Center to create a Pubic Service Announcement (PSA) introducing its anonymous crime-reporting service, Text-a-Tip. Voiced by …

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A cook handing a waiter desert

Ada’s Cafe

Ada’s CafĂ© began as a parent-led middle-school project to bring together students from special ed classes with the rest of the student community to create and serve gourmet snacks. It is run as a non-profit-for-profit …

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man with children in a field

Wake Up To Nature

The Environmental Volunteers provide hands-on science and nature education through classroom-based programs, summer camps, and an EcoCenter. Watch the Environmental Volunteers committed volunteers as they inspire a lifelong love and respect for the natural world …

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A boy near a mural with flag of Israel

Jewish Community Center

As a hub for the Silicon Valley Jewish community, the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center creates meaningful, inclusive and joyful experiences for everyone and explores innovative ways to integrate Jewish traditions and values into contemporary …

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Dr. Josh Gorman with a patient

Dr. Korman Plastic Surgeon

Learn about Dr. Josh Korman’s plastic surgery practice in Mountain View, California. Gain insights into is how he has helped prospects feel comfortable with the plastic surgery process and delivered results to happy patients.

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